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Serving chocolate dipped desserts and snacks.


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1 review
Overall dipped is tasty and appealing. I think they're a tad pricey for the quantity of items, but the quality is good and the delivery/appearance of the food and its box were great. Dipped would be good as a thank you gift or a gift to a loved one on their birthday etc. As well as an indulgence for yourself.


1 review
I have ordered Dipped almost every night for this past week, everything was placed nicely. Lovely service by making each box with a smile.
One thing you're online ordering is down right now and it's Saturday :(


1 review
Very cute and I appreciated the message on the box and the writing of my name outside of the box was cute as well, loved everything


1 review
It's always a great place for late night dessert! They manage to impress us every time!


Top Reviewer
Amazing! Definitely going to order from here again! Will recommend to all!!

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